XO for Sale in Canada

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XO for Sale in Canada

Postby LarryGB » Sat Aug 23, 2008 8:20 pm

We'll. Time has come. After 7 months of playing with the XO, it's time to move on.
Unfortunately, I have not seen anyone locally with a "little-green-machine", and even the closest poster seems to be 5 hours away. I advised our local UPS/Purolator/Canada Post personal to keep an eye out for the little white OLPC boxes, but alas, no G1G1 donators to be found. I enjoyed playing with the software, updating the bios/firmware, etc and reading the various posts on how to "hack" the XO. But it's a lonely little world being the only user in town.
So the sad result is, someone else should have the opportunity to use this device, especially if they already have another. I will be putting it up for sale. No ebay auctions here. I recognize that some think that the original price paid is what they think the XO is worth, but it was part of a Give One, Get One Program, so I'm asking the cost of one unit in that program. Two cost 421.00 delivered by UPS, so I will be requesting 200.00 plus whatever shipping cost by selected courier, insured.
Also, because I not quite sure of the cross border laws to the US, this will only be available in Canada, sorry. If you are in the area, you can arrange to pickup locally. For more details, send me a PM with your email or phone/skype number and we'll converse.

Sept 5 - Thanks to all who replied. My OLPC has found a new home where it will be better appreciated.
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