Testing OLPC in Australia/ donating 100 to a sister school?

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Testing OLPC in Australia/ donating 100 to a sister school?

Postby nathan_zamprogno » Tue Nov 18, 2008 2:20 am

We would like to purchase a few hundred OLPC computers for donation to a School we have a sister School relationship with in an impoverished island community in the South Pacific. Our School in Australia sends yearly delegations to this School and we always take whole pallets of resources - books, teaching resources and, when possible, technology. It's a cultural exchange and also a helping hand to a community which can't afford their own technology. The OLPC would be a perfect fit.

We would like to get a couple of OLPCs here to Australia to demonstrate for our potential donors and and test/train the technology for those who will be visiting the overseas school to set them up.

Trouble is, I'm at an impasse. I'd be happy to use the give-one-get-one scheme to at least obtain one or two OLPCs here in Australia, but the Amazon link OLPC provide seems quite explicit in preventing shipment outside the US and UK.

Then, how would be be able to obtain a few hundred of them to take to overseas? I hear some are suggesting "we don't even want to talk to you if you are ordering less than 10,000". We believe the people to whom we are trying to setup with OLPCs are firmly in the OLPC's target demographic. No one seems able to clear up what the situation is, which is disappointing since we feel what we're trying to do is squarely within the reason the OLPC program was created for.

Is there any supply available to us in Australia for such a purpose? From whom would we buy them? Who should we contact in Australia to obtain them? Good publicity for our School and for the OLPC program would flow from such an arrangement. If anyone can help I'd be grateful.
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Re: Testing OLPC in Australia/ donating 100 to a sister school?

Postby culseg » Tue Nov 18, 2008 11:20 am

In addition to your sending a note to help@laptop.org...perhaps you can make contact with some of the pilots going on nearby:

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Re: Testing OLPC in Australia/ donating 100 to a sister school?

Postby Grendel » Fri Nov 21, 2008 2:15 am

Nathan, I notice that OLPC now has an Australian website that includes some incomplete links to the donor sections but indicates that these will be available in early 2009.

I am hopeful that this will occur as we also wanted to engage in a sister school program to provide laptops.

OPLC (Australia) site is here: http://olpc-australia.org.au/participate/give1get1/
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