GOt my G1G1 ealier than delivery date UK

Discuss your experiences with purchasing the XO though the G1G1 program here. First impressions or whatever else is important to you. Mention it here!

GOt my G1G1 ealier than delivery date UK

Postby kriket » Tue Jan 13, 2009 3:07 pm

Hi Every One,

I seem to be one of a very few that ordered the G1G1 this year.

I was Very pleased when it turned up early, and was even amazed when I put the battery in and my XO jumped into like.

Had it a week today, the XO and the SUGAR O/S I am very happy with.

Yes I have note gone into it in depth, have had to update the O/S (got help from a kind person on the forum).

I have been shocked by the news of what is/has happened with the OLPC project.

I for one hope that Sugar stays as the main O/S for the XO, and that things pick up for the project. I have been following from the start, and think it is a great project/course.

I from London U.K.

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