How Major Forum Changes Are Done

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How Major Forum Changes Are Done

Postby peter » Sun Dec 02, 2007 5:51 pm

We have tried many ways to get feedback from the membership on how changes to the site should be made. The best so far has been the Request for Change (RFC) process that allows the entire membership to become more active in influencing the direction of the forums. Some of these guidelines may change, but for now here is how it works:

The RFC Request:

  1. Any member can request a change to the forums in the form of an "RFC Request" thread in the Announcements and Feedback forum.
  2. The "RFC Request" must have a poll.
  3. The poll should be in the form of a question and the only two options should be:
    1. Yes - This is a major point, the entire forum should be informed of a formal vote
    2. No - This is a minor point. A formal vote is unnecessary. The administrator's decision is sufficient.
  4. Voting will be open for only 2 weeks.
  5. The "RFC Request" poll question must be submitted to the administrator in the form of a Private Message. This is so that the wording can be refined prior to release.
  6. The administrator will post the "RFC Request", to ensure he/she is aware of the motion and that the two week limit is enforced.
  7. Formal RFC voting will be initiated when there is a majority "yes" vote and over 50 members (a quorum) have voted. This will help to ensure that the RFCs have a following by a broad based portion of the membership.
  8. "RFC Requests" proposed by the administrator that fail to meet the quorum numbers will be implemented by default. This is will be assumed to be an indication of the RFC being a minor point.
  9. RFCs proposed by members that fail to meet the quorum numbers will result in the status quo being maintained. In other words, a minor point.
  10. Unsuccessful RFC submissions can be resubmitted only after a 6 month hiatus.

The RFC Vote:

  1. Formal voting on RFCs will take place monthly if qualifying RFCs exist.
  2. All members will be eligible to vote and will be notified by email
  3. The formal RFC will be posted on the forums for voting on a monthly basis.
  4. Voting will be open for 2 weeks.
Administrator's Role:

The administrator may decline posting RFCs or implementing recommendations related to:
  1. Breaching the forum guidelines;
  2. Features that would be detrimental to the stability of the forum's software applications;
  3. The forum's marketing promotions;
  4. Changes that would jeopardize the vitality of the forums.


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