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Evaluation of student

PostPosted: Thu May 15, 2008 2:02 pm
by theorne
We have one ox in our local school. We plan to place it with a special-needs student for the summer then, based on his experience, try to demonstrate its value and raise funds for more units for our school and beyond. In order to solicit these funds, we would like to give the pilot student a "before" and "after" evaluation in order to have concrete proof of the value of the unit to him. Has anyone developed such a test/evaluation system? We would love to not have to reinvent the wheel, but feel for the type of donors we are aproaching, we need more than anecdotal evidence. Thanks for any advice or suggestions!

Re: Evaluation of student

PostPosted: Thu May 15, 2008 4:33 pm
by Emmadw
That's a hugely tall order ... to start with, what are his disabilities? What are you trying to achieve for him? What are his teachers wanting to achieve?

In addition; what else is he going to be doing in the summer? Who's going to be at home to help him if he gets into difficulties?

So, I'd work with the teacher, to find out ways in which he's behind the rest of the class, but also find out what his strengths are. Can they be improved; as well as picking up on what he's finding difficult.