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Platinum Arts Sandbox - Free Educational 3D World Creation

Postby calimer » Sat Jan 10, 2009 12:51 pm

Hi my name is Mike and I work on a project called Platinum Arts Sandbox which makes it easy for kids and adults to create their own 3D worlds, games, levels, quests, etc. The software is free and open source and currently being used in many schools throughout the world. I have used it personally to teach in various schools and I've seen work from kids as young as six. I do have some of the kids work from a summer camp I taught if you'd be interested in seeing it. Here is a review of the software:

Here is our tutorial video:

Here is a video interview of me and it has some shots of the work kids did at the summer camp: ... -interview

Our homepage is:

I originally started this project for kids that were in my before and afterschool program at an elementary school. That is one of the reasons it is free and open source, I want kids to be able to have total access to it. If I could get this to kids all over the world it would be a dream come true! I'm so excited about even the idea of being able to have such a positive effect of so many kids! A neat thing is that in Sandbox you can cooperatively edit maps and levels, so with the laptops they could use the wifi to work together on create! I really hope to get this software in OLPC and to more schools because of all of the positive impacts I've already seen. If anyone is interested in my teaching experiences with the software then please feel free to ask. Take care!
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