[OLPC library] 'OLPC-Health' takes off !!

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[OLPC library] 'OLPC-Health' takes off !!

Postby Arjun Sarwal » Fri Jan 25, 2008 7:23 pm

Hi all,

There has been a lot of interest from various groups to develop/explore medical applications around the XO laptop. While a number of people/groups have already undertaken efforts in a number of areas, there are also many more people interested in volunteering and helping out.

While people have put in great efforts into many projects, our efforts would be much more effective once we get a little organized amongst ourselves so that we can co-ordinate on our projects, avoid duplication of efforts, and discuss with people with field experience to comment and feedback on our efforts.

The reach of our efforts and projects is promising and the potential to impact kids and communities around the world is huge -- all this is possible due to the scale and reach of XO deployments.

One can broadly break down efforts into the following three areas -

(1) "Content"
Creating a Library/repository of information that would be shipped on the XO laptop as part of the default software on it. This would be a ready reference for preliminary diagnosis of diseases and a reference for symptoms. This would also include general information on an array of topics such as hygiene, nutrition, balanced diets, etc.

(2) "Hardware"
Developing and using hardware peripherals that connect to the XO laptop. These include, but are not limited to the build-in camera (with the possibility of add-on optical elements; an EKG; and a pulse oxymeter.

(3) "Software"
Developing software that asks the user a series of questions and helps in a preliminary diagnosis. Links to useful websites and online portals.

David Greisen, Seth Woodworth, Pascal Scheffers, Benjamin Schwartz are some of the people that have been working on "Content"

Ian Daniher, Rafael Ortiz, IMSA OLPC chapter participants (Scott Swanson, Kevin, April Hope) are some of the people working on "Hardware"

Please add onto this list and let everyone know what you've been working upon.

David Greisen and Mika Matsuzaki are co-ordinating efforts on the "content" related projects.
Ian Daniher and Kevin(IMSA) are co-ordinating efforts on "hardware" projects
We still need volunteers to co-ordinate efforts on the "software" projects

Apart from that, we need to setup an advisory board comprising of Doctors, field workers, medical professionals etc. to guide the efforts in all three areas.

How you can start participating in the "OLPC Health" efforts --

(1) Send an email to library mailing list[1] with a short introduction of yourself.

If you'd like to head/undertake projects, please put up project proposals and let all know that you're looking for participants/volunteers/developers

If you'd like to volunteer in projects, please mention your area of experience and/or what areas you'd be interested to volunteer in.

(2) Categorize the list of volunteers on the wiki page http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Health and add your name into the appropriate category. Please create other categories if content, hardware, software don't seem to represent the efforts very well.

(3) Help the "OLPC Health" team connect with field workers, MDs , Doctors, Physicians towards the formation of an advisory group

(4) There is a conference call that we have on the 10th of February. Please propose agenda items!
For people in Boston/Cambridge area -- please help me organize the call/meeting !

That was a long email! Thank you for your patience in reading through it.

Arjun Sarwal

ps - please avoid ccing the devel mailing list further. Let's continue this discussion only on the library mailing list[1].
pps - join library mailing list[1]

[1] Library mailing list - http://lists.laptop.org/listinfo/library

Arjun Sarwal
<arjun@laptop.org (arjun@laptop.org)>
Arjun Sarwal

[OLPC library] 'OLPC-Health' takes off !!

Postby drew einhorn » Sat Jan 26, 2008 11:43 am


I'm Drew Einhorn I've been lurking around here for a while.

I'm working on porting WorldVistA, an open source version of VistA,
the US Veterans Administration "Billion Dollar" electronic health record.

The back end works on the XO!

I've just started gathering the materials to port front ends from Borland's
Delphi to Lazarus/Free Pascal.

I have notes scattered all over the place. I'm will be gathering them together
on a page on wiki.laptop.org

I just found the project hosting application. I'll go fill it out.

Drew Einhorn
Library mailing list
drew einhorn

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