Assistive Technology OLPC group

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Assistive Technology OLPC group

Postby Gabey8 » Sat Feb 09, 2008 1:38 pm

It would be good to have a group for users who would like to use the XO as assistive technology for disabled or special-needs users, for developers who would like to create or refine accessibility-related software and hardware accessories, trainers who would like to help implement the XO as AT, etc.

I can see a lot of potential for a ruggedized, spillproof, portable, power-frugal device like the XO to be employed by special-needs users in places and situations where they couldn't bring or use a standard laptop.
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Re: Assistive Technology OLPC group

Postby jayres » Tue Feb 26, 2008 7:34 pm

Hi, I am an open source programmer. I prefer Python. I have purchased several xos whith the hopes of making communication devices for verbally impaired people. For most people who need this type of device, a touch screen is essiential. Altho' I read and understand hardware, I am not a hardware person and so have been hoping someone else figures out how to do this. The gross way is to just buy a usb touch screen and place it over the xo. So.. it can be done but a we would all like a better solution. If you are wondering if it is worth it, keep in mind that for a person who needs and can use this type of device, their life is improved tremendeously. And keep in mind that a ruggadized computer (that is not built as well as the olpc xo) costs $7000 to $8000. Text to speech will also be necessary and I have yet to encounter this in the linux world. If you know about this please point me at it.

So.. if you are starting a discussion on this forum or are starting a new forum, please count me in.
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