[Grassroots-l] new presentations online for your grassroot g

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[Grassroots-l] new presentations online for your grassroot g

Postby Aaron Kaplan » Fri Jan 25, 2008 5:09 pm


have fun! copy+remix+present.

These slides were done by Simon Dorner and I believe they are very
We used at OLPC.at often to present and get the main points thru to

So, finally they are online and you can download them and re-use them.
They are available as apple keynote file, powerpoint, PDF and
shockwave flash (english)

have fun!

there's no place like

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Re: [Grassroots-l] new presentations online for your grassroot g

Postby KayTi » Mon Jan 28, 2008 12:12 am

Thank you, Aaron. I just downloaded the PPT and it's great! There are a few funky display things which I have a feeling is the difference between US and European keys/formats, but nothing major.

I read the creative commons license at the beginning. What is your opinion on derivative works? This presentation is fantastic, but isn't quite applicable for my purposes here in the middle of the U.S., however some of your slides are jaw-droppingly great, photos in particular. Is there a way to build something using your slides and share a new creative commons license? I am a bit new to this part of open source, your input (or anyone's, as I'm sure this kind of thing has come up before) would be appreciated.
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