Intermittent Charging - Need Motherboard

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Intermittent Charging - Need Motherboard

Postby frankomiller » Thu Sep 03, 2009 1:57 pm

The original OLPC laptop obtained in the first G1G1 is defective on the battery charger on the motherboard. Pugging in the power adapter provides intermittent charging (indicator light). Pressing hard to one side sometimes brings on the charging which is indicative of a mechanical component failure on the motherboard.

- Plugging in, with different OLPC power adaptors, made no difference.
- Pushing hard on the power adaptor sometimes brings on the charging light of the fully drained OLPC.

Where I purchase another motherboard. My bet to my kids was that this device would outlive all the traditional laptops … this turned out not to be true :{.

Please respond to as I don't follow this forum.
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