Replacement Power Connector CN11 XO-1

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Replacement Power Connector CN11 XO-1

Postby wmlye » Sat Oct 23, 2010 2:30 pm

We have an XO-1 from the original G1G1 program. The kids have somehow managed to damage CN11 (the power connector) on the motherboard, so that we have to "wiggle" the plug in order for the power adapter to charge the battery or power the unit; the central post (the + terminal) is loose and appears to be making intermittent connection internally.

I've confirmed that it's not the adapter - both the supplied one and a compatible Lenovo Thinkpad adapter respond in the same way.

I would replace the connector myself, however I've been unable to any documentation on what would be the correct replacement part. Does anyone know and/or have any suggestions where I could find this information?

Thanks in advance,

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Re: Replacement Power Connector CN11 XO-1

Postby ncarrol » Sun Oct 24, 2010 4:41 pm

Some thoughts:

If you found the connector, it would still be problematic in removing the old and installing the new.
There are 5 solder points for the connector on a multilayer board -- this would require some skill and appropriate tools to replace.

The center pin runs through the back of the plastic case of the connector and has a metal leaf crimped to it. The leaf is soldered to the main circuit board. Probably the back of the case is cracked / broken and allowing the center pin to move aside and breaking the contact at the other side connector.

My approach would be to glue a plastic washer (perhaps phenolic circuit board material) on the inside of the connector. There appears to be clearance for about a 3/32 inch thick washer on the inside at the back without interferring with the side metal contact. Thus, slide the snuggly fitting (inside hole and outer edge) plastic washer on the center pin and push it to the back of the connector (glue on the back of the washer), using care not get any glue on the side metal contact . There is alway the question of finding a glue to stick to the polyethylene case.

A second approach might be to use epoxy glue or epoxy putty (J-B Weld) tamped around the center post at the back (no more than 3/32 inch thick).

A third appoach might be to try to glue the case from the rear, but this requires removing the main circuit board.

This is all conjecture -- have not tried this. It would be easy to get glue in the wrong place and ruin the connector. I might want to have the connector in hand before trying this. Have you looked at for the connector?

End of my thoughts.
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Re: Replacement Power Connector CN11 XO-1

Postby wmlye » Mon Oct 25, 2010 2:47 pm

We've got the equipment at work and I've made similar board repairs in the past, so I'm not too worried about that part of it.

Thanks for the pointers; unfortunately no, that part doesn't seem to be available on DigiKey. The 1.65mm ID / 5.5mm OD combination is a weird one, and the only one with that combination on DigiKey is a Singatron Electronics 2DC-S006-I05-ND, which is a 3-conductor design, not 2-conductor, and has a totally different board mating interface. A quick browse through of the pictures and descriptions on doesn't show me anything that looks remotely similar.

I'll look at it again, and might try something similar to what you describe, but unless I can find an identical replacement part, something tells me I'll be taking the connector off, soldering on a pigtail, reinforcing it somehow, and using an inline connector instead.
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