Battery and power indicators stay on. No display

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Battery and power indicators stay on. No display

Postby earlyadopter » Mon Dec 27, 2010 8:50 am

I have a G1G1 XO, end 2007, factory build 650. Is my symptom a variation of the 'RTC fix-clock bricked issue', or some problem else? Thing is mine has its battery and power indicators staying on even after pressing power on button. And there is nothing on the display screen. No boot up sound either. Battery LED is orange in color even when battery is removed from the compartment with the XO running on AC mains. This remains the situation with either the AC power chord or the battery connected, or both. Both LEDS turn off only on disconnecting both the power supplies. Pressing the power on button merely dims the orange color with the green power indicator dissapearing (or getting too dim to be visible?) momentarily. Both come back on releasing the finger.

I was working with just the battery connected mid last week when the m/c shut down all by itself, and since then have been observing all that described above. More details on a response, else post becomes too long.
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Re: Battery and power indicators stay on. No display

Postby ncarrol » Mon Dec 27, 2010 1:49 pm

Look at this link by sandy|XO:

Reminder: If XO is on, you must hold down power button for 10 seconds to turn off.

This appears more complicated than simple RTC problem. There, removing the battery and then plugging in Power supply gives only a momentary flash of the amber battery light (shows EC is communicating with battery).

No other suggestions here.
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Re: Battery and power indicators stay on. No display

Postby ncarrol » Mon Dec 27, 2010 6:50 pm

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Re: Battery and power indicators stay on. No display

Postby earlyadopter » Thu Dec 30, 2010 2:06 pm

Firstly, please bear with a reply only on the third day. No XO. So no wifi(my usual one).
I am having to logon to the net from a far off public facility within my budget. Yesterday
wasted in just negotiating for connectivity required for the repair period. My apologies.

Since you were unable to diagnose what was wrong with my XO merely from
its present state, I shall now proceed to ellaborate events that preceeded
its conking out to see if there is a 'cause and effect' nexus here:

1)the power-on button's got a 'springy feel' to it, just the way the other
buttons do, and just the way it has always felt to the finger all this while
I have been using it. so having a 'Stuck button' issue is difficult to digest.
2)I was refused login to my account on a file-upload site 1 or 2 days prior to
the conk out which cited something like 'your system's time seems to have changed' as the
reason(or excuse?). Now, the system time has always been different from my timezone
by a huge gap, which subsequently narrowed down after 2 to 3 alterations to it over
the years(not my doing), and it has been something like +10:37 or -3:06 UTC rather
than a 'round figure' difference of +10:30 or -11:00 UTC. Ergo, my initial fears of
it being a 'Fix_clock' issue.
3)so following the disassembly instructions when i opened up the XO right down to the
motherboard, a screw fell off it. This must have been from the metal plate covering the
the centre of the board as there was an empty threaded groove on it, with another screw
ready to come loose. Tightened up both these. Thing was i had dropped XO a couple of times
during the last month from a goodish height of more than 2-3 feet. It had shut down and
restarted normally then. All this possibly because of this(or these) fall(s). And this
dislodged screw could have shorted something now.
4)Coin cell (ML 1220) felt snugly fit into its holder case when i prodded it with my finger.
But after the Fix_Clock page and all the reactions to it, a minute inspection(under a high-power
magnifying glass but not noticeable to the naked eye) saw the battery making a slight, a very
slight inclination of not more than two to three degrees to the plane of the motherboard
(levelled off by me thereafter) all the while tight in its case with no sign of any acid leakage
around the holder(can't say if there is any underneath the battery. see no point prying it
open just for this when all else seems ok with it).
5)XO had shut down all by itself 2-3 times during the last couple of months(never saw this
happening before that) (and no, not as in point no.3) above, but during the course of normal usage)
But I had got it restarted back to life as usual.
6)I have never upgraded firmware and would not know if the system did it running in the
background as an auto-update. The only upgrade I did was of Build 656 from 650, due to the
the then issue of 'Journal Activity hanging' and that too an incremental one and not a full
virgin install.
7)The goings-on right at the time of the conk out of the XO was: that it was drawing power
exclusively from the battery(half an hour into the session)(had been using power chord a day
earlier) was streaming a song over wifi(internet) using the infamous 'security hole version
'(V.10...22..) of Adobe's Flash Player, when it shutdown all of a sudden, and on its own.

None of the LEDs flash before or after any event. Its always a solid orange(battery) alongwith
a solid green(power) which both turn on the instant either power chord or the battery get
connected. These two are the only signs of life on the XO. Mic/Cam lights start dark and stay
dark throughout this connecting/disconnecting procedure.

By 'No display' I mean no sign of life on it not even whitelight or any backlight. No text, no
graphic, no nothing, be it reflected off sunlight or under light indoors.

And yes, as specifically pointed out by you, I have been carrying out all power-on button
presses for not less than the prescribed 10 secs.

Another thing I notice is orange never turned to green even when the battery has been kept
for charging for much longer than its usual time taken when totally drained out(when it goes
from 3% to 97-98%)

This post now a screenful. More after I collate all the wiki pages and forum postings even
remotely to do with my issue(And these run into dozens of pages. Will get back within a day
or so after going through all this material, unless you(or other XOers) get a sense of where
to look. What is the starting point. How to go about it.
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Re: Battery and power indicators stay on. No display

Postby ncarrol » Thu Dec 30, 2010 7:48 pm

Since the battery LED does not just flash but stays on when XO is without battery and AC is plugged in, the EC does not appear to be running:

I fear that this is a motherboard repair and unlikely to be repaired by simple means. Time to contact a repair center, but the only available motherboard repair will probably be the replacement of the motherboard (if available).

This is clearly not a "fix clock" problem and a clean install from the USB drive is not possible.
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