Broken Wirless Adapter

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Broken Wirless Adapter

Postby shane_volumen » Mon Jan 24, 2011 11:21 pm

I got my XO as part of the G1G1 program, way back when. The wireless network card has always been flaky. I would said, typically only 10% of the time can I see any SSIDs. Also, ifconfig -a from the terminal generally doesn't show eth0, only the loopback.

When I look at "About My Computer", under Wireless Firmware it says "Not available". I have upgraded many different times over the years and I'm currently running 860, I believe.

Long story short, I'm pretty sure the wireless adapter is fried. What are my alternatives? I read a bunch of the wiki hardware pages and I don't see anyone talking about how to replace the wireless adapter. Is that not possible? Can I use an external usb wireless adapter?
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Re: Broken Wirless Adapter

Postby generalludd » Tue Feb 08, 2011 12:27 pm

Hi Shane: I, personally, would never take an OLPC apart (old fat fingers and not terribly good near vision :mrgreen: ). However; I recently bought a device called the "WiFire": http// It costs $49.00 (occasionally discounted by $10.00). It connects to a USB port. I also hardly ever mess around with terminal code ( challenged short-term memory for arguments and parameters :oops: )

What the WiFire does is extend the range of pickup of internet sites. I bought it for that purpose. It comes with an install disk for MAC or Windows. However it is also compatible with LINUX. Just to see what would happen, i plugged it into one of my OLPC computer USB ports. I found that it was picking up the sites in the neighborhood view including my own router. Naturally you need the proper password to open any site. I didn't do anything to the software or hardware.

I was now able to access my router which is using a WPA security password. (This had become a problem when i changed from WEP password.) The OLPC native hardware/software did not appear capable of using my security scheme.

Hope this helps
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Re: Broken Wirless Adapter

Postby symond93 » Wed Apr 06, 2011 2:45 am

I bought this wireless adapter on eBay for $30 in lieu of the normal $100 you would spend at any retailer.Somebody managed to cut the USB connector off of the wireless adapter. I had historicallyin the past fixed this adapter by basically soldering a new USB connector on to what was left of the short wire protruding from the wireless adapter.
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