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Wireless connection

Postby Piotrsch » Thu Jan 24, 2008 6:57 am

Being a beginner with a Linux based operating system, I need to know how do you connect the XO to a wireless network with hidden SSID and using a WEP encryption key? The wireless network is my home network.

I have read the instructions WiFi Connectivity which gives how to tell the XO the name of the hidden SSID, but it does not give instructions on how to enter the WEP encryption key so that the XO connects.


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Re: Wireless connection

Postby clash » Mon Feb 04, 2008 5:45 pm

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Re: Wireless connection

Postby ektoric » Tue Feb 05, 2008 4:44 pm

Quoting the thread Hidden SSID and WEP key:
ektoric wrote:iwconfig has a key parameter. google "man iwconfig" to see how to use the key parameter with iwconfig. For example:
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# iwconfig eth0 essid access-point mode managed key secrt
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