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unable to connect to windows ad-hoc network

PostPosted: Wed Aug 19, 2009 7:13 am
by davychiu
I am a computer engineer helping out at a community library in Uganda at the moment. I came across an xo laptop which had the "disk is full" bug.

After painfully downloading os 820 image file, I flashed it from os 656.

I tried to connect it to my laptop's ad-hoc network with both 656 and 820, but the xo laptop refuses to connect. The network doesn't show up in Neighbourhood either. On my windows laptop, I have set the channel to channel 1. The ssid is "olpc" and there is no encryption.

I can see the network with "iwlist eth0 scanning". I am connected to the internet via gprs using a usb adapter. I don't have access to an AP I could test with.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.