How To Get Internet Access?

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How To Get Internet Access?

Postby jklunder » Sun Jul 25, 2010 6:29 pm

Hi All,

First off, I want to say this OLPC program is really great. Having a way to get computers to everyone seems like a noble, valuable, and practical goal.

My question lies around internet access: What technology is in place to get internet access to students with these laptops?

1. If I understand correctly, these laptops are made for WiFi, and can connect to Ethernet ports. However, what happens if they are in a place where that is not readily available?

2. Is there a possibility that a compact, portable, self-powered ethernet server could be made available?

I'm thinking that for rural places in Africa, Outer Asia, etc. could really use places with the internet (as it would be instant access to valuable skills). However, I'm not sure what the best way to get internet access would be.

3. If there's an on-going engineering process to make internet available, I'd sure like to volunteer or donate.

Thanks for the consideration,

Joe Klunder
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Re: How To Get Internet Access?

Postby ncarrol » Sun Jul 25, 2010 10:59 pm

1. The XO's can be connect to each other via a mesh network, to a standard wireless access point, or wired ethernet (with a USB to Internet adapter). The XO's can connect via Internet to a Jabber server, which allows sharing between XO's all over the world like they were setting next to each other.
2. The subject of compact servers falls in the topic of School Servers (XS). The subject of XS server hardware is here:
and the general topic of XS development is here:

Internet connections can be made via cell phones (via USB port), which are surprisingly available in rural areas:
3. Look at the server-devel for the issues of technical development.

Cheers, Nate
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