Different keyboard scancodes?

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Different keyboard scancodes?

Postby romi » Sun Mar 22, 2009 8:21 pm

Some info about my setup:
I have XO from G1G1 November of 2008 with US international keyboard layout.
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$cat /ofw/openrom/model
CL1 Q2E34 Q2E

I'm booting Debian (DebXO) off the SD card, while using default OLPC distribution (Build 767) on the NAND flash.

The problem:
I have noticed that special olpc xkeyboard layout in DebXO dose not work as it does in OLPC distribution (and how it is supposed to work). That is, command
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$setxkbmap -model olpc -layout us -variant olpc

works, but I end up with not working special keys (Search, Meeting, Start, TaksPane, Messenger), multiply/divide and more importantly arrow keys. By investigating with xev I've found out that keycodes (hence, keysyms)in DebXO are different from those of default OLPC distribution. Further, command
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#showkey -s

in console revealed that scancodes generated in DebXO are also different from those of OLPC distribution.

Interestingly, showkey -s in DebXO shows scancodes which are in
consistence with this keyboard scancode table (scancode set 1) from OLPC wiki:
Whereas in default OLPC distro output of showkey -s is something completely different from those in the table. Yet it seams that layouts distributed with Xorg are adapted to those scancodes of OLPC kernel, not to the DebXO's one.

I would like to have keyboard working under DebXO as it works under OLPC distribution, but currently i'm stuck, because I don't understand what is the cause of aforementioned differences. Do you guys have any ideas?
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