Updating in another language

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Updating in another language

Postby CBird » Sun Aug 23, 2009 6:27 pm

I am going to ask the same question I asked a couple of days ago on the General Forum. I want to install the XO operating system in Español. I've been through all the probable places on the forum where I thought it might be but could find nothing. I came up w/the idea of translating the No-fail Update page in to Spanish but the links to the zip and image file appear to me to be the English version. I did find the Spanish manuals from Peru and Uruguay.
I even changed another browser to the Spanish version (not the Google translation) and came up w/a Morales and Guerrero testimonial page in Mexico, but could not find a software download link.
I also found a "Tuquito OLPC Wiki" site from Argentina for the installation of Turquito. Since Agentineans speak Spanish I think this might be my only option. Does anyone KNOW if this would work. It's a tar file, not in two parts like the English update.
I realize the keyboard would be problematic but the youngster I want to give it to is pretty bright and after he gets use to the XO I plan to install the regular English version so he can practice his English.
Any input would sure be appreciated. I am pretty frustrated w/all the time I've spent on this and poco results.
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Re: Updating in another language

Postby superimposedmedia » Thu Aug 27, 2009 6:33 pm

Hello, I don't speak much spanish but I was curious because I know a woman who teaches adults from Mexico and Central Americas to speak English. According to http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Spanish_language there is a Unicode font which tells me that you can select Espanol as your primary language. I will have to look into it further to find out where to change the language options. I've only been working on this computer for two days now :) I'm not sure where all the options are yet. I hope that can help you a little further.
I'm currently configuring three xos, two for my nieces and one for myself.
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