Trouble permanently disabling security

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Trouble permanently disabling security

Postby rseiler » Mon Apr 12, 2010 12:15 am

I installed 8.2.1 (using the "If_your_XO_is_not_connected_to_the_internet" method, so it overwrote everything) and later obtained a dev key, installed via the "Getting a developer key for your running XO laptop" method described in the wiki. With ls - l /security, I have confirmed that develop.sig is present. However, when I do an ESC boot and type disable-security, I'm merely told "No wp key". The wiki says that means that security is already disabled, but I don't think that's the case since I had just put on the 8.2.1 image as well as the Q2E41 firmware and had done nothing more than download the key, which doesn't in itself permanently disable security.

More conclusively, the .mfg-data command returns an 'ak' but not a 'dk', which is the one signifying the machine is unlocked permanently. That should be there when it's permanently disabled, right?

A further indication of a problem, is when I try to use enable-security. I'm told: Unexpected end-of-line. I tried the command multiple times, and there was no typo.

This all must add up to something weird, but I'm not sure what. Thanks.
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