Full-size XObot software issues. Can U help?

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Full-size XObot software issues. Can U help?

Postby a.citizen » Mon May 17, 2010 1:05 pm

We need help finishing our full size XObot, Super Robot. Super is a Sugar based Remotely Operated Bot for Outreach and Teaching. He has been raised (built) in N.E. Portland, Oregon U.S.A. and is currently being home-schooled (programmed). Soon he will graduate ECO-University and go out into the real world, trained as an ECO, an empowering community organizer. Super Robot already has a job lined up will be appearing for 10 days at Village Building Convergence 10 starting on May 28th. We are wishing him the best of luck, as my wife thinks that it is past time for this thing to get out into the world and out of our dining room.

I am hoping that someone can help us with a couple of small details that we are trying to wrap up before Super Robot takes the next step.

1. I am hoping to be able to reassign the ALT Tab key combo to perform the function of the Enter key. This is needed in order for our wireless remote control to initiate specific replies from Super Robot related to the current discussion that someone may be having with his A.I.

2. In order to further customize his A.I. to ensure full and accurate retention and quicker access to all of the knowledge he processes as he has encounters the same individuals and topics from one day to the next, I would to be able to run a linux based program on the XO, espeakedit-1.43.03. If there is someone well versed in Sugar or the linux environment in general, we would be very grateful if you could help our little robot grow up and get out.

Dwayne (and Eve) Beals
Director of the Montavilla Eco-mUNITY

503-662-2680 (503-662-bot0)
This is our Google Voice phone number - speak clearly, it transcribes the calls for us so that we can have Super Robot read them to us.
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