Help Tab will not display "Contents" for any application

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Help Tab will not display "Contents" for any application

Postby generalludd » Mon Feb 28, 2011 8:34 pm

The Gnome 2.26.3 desktop supplied with the 860 update of the XO (version 10.1.3) provides inoperative Help tabs. When i click Help i am presented with two choices. Content and About. When i click on About i get (use using applications>sound and video>movie player as an example) a window that says
"Totem Movie Player 2.26.5 ...".
there is also a Totem Website link that launches Firefox and says more than i want to know and has examples not always applicable to the XO (e.g. sudo is not available in the terminal, use su -)

However; when i click on Contents or press F1, I get
Totem could not display the help contents.
Failed to execute child process "gnome-help (no such file or directory).

This happens with any application and the terminal.

I did a bit of research and found that "Yelp" is the name of the help package for Gnome. I found a package to download that looked appropriate (yelp_2.30.1+webkit-1_i386.deb). I downloaded it (via another computer) to a USB stick and then transferred it to the Gnome desktop on the XO.
Double-clicking that activated the archive manager and contol.tar.gz and data.tar.gz files appeared that i put on the desktop.

I am not a linux expert, but i suspect that i must install those two files. Of course i am assumng that Yelp is the correct help (plugin the correct term?) package to make this operative.

Anybody have a better suggestion for getting the Help tab to work?
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