Install country distribution on non-country XO-1.5?

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Install country distribution on non-country XO-1.5?

Postby ometepe » Thu Apr 12, 2012 2:10 pm

Good day,

I live part of the year on the island of Ometepe in Nicaragua, and part on Bainbridge Island in the northwest US. For twenty-five years a number of friends on both islands have maintained an active sister relationship, with many people from both islands traveling back and forth getting to know each other, and working on projects of mutual interest ( In February Fundación Zamora Terán (FZT) distributed laptops to each of the island's nearly 5000 primary students. I was able to participate in some of the teacher training and on distribution day. All this whetted my appetite for my very own XO both to play with and to demonstrate to friends on Bainbridge Island. The FZT team generously shared their software with me, and I bought an XO-1.5 on eBay ("won in a Fruit Rollups contest"). Initial attempts to load the FZT distribution were unsuccessful. Using the four-button+power update sequence got me the following:

Trying disk:\
Filesystem image found - No signature for our key list

I requested a developer key, meanwhile after looking at the monitor options I tried

fs-update u:\fz-p1.zd4

which was partially successful. I now have the FZTactivities but the language is still English. Meanwhile the developer key arrived and I installed it. Trying the update sequence gets the same result as before.

I could declare victory and stop--I have most of what I want, but I'd like to install the full FZT version. Can anyone help me do so?


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Re: Install country distribution on non-country XO-1.5?

Postby ncarrol » Fri Apr 13, 2012 11:37 am

My suggestion is to follow the procedure in the following:

11.3.1 has not been released, so the procedure is for loading an unsigned image. You would use your USB image rather than download the one given there.

You can change the lanquage in the main menu > Settings.

It is also possible to change the keyboard layouts and use a key sequence to switch between keyboard layouts --- but more on this if the above is successfull. Note that that this is only a suggestion, since I have not tried this.
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