Nandblaster .zd files for 13.2.0

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Nandblaster .zd files for 13.2.0

Postby adagem » Thu Dec 12, 2013 6:18 am

I need to update 2000 laptops to 13.2.0 for a school group. Nandblaster appears to be my best bet, if I am not mistaken.

I have been using the guide at But can't find the os*.zd version of 13.2.0 as per the first instruction under the Prepare the USB drive heading.

I scoured the page and googled 13.2.0 .zd, to no avail.

Sorry if this is just another annoying newcomer question and I am failing to assume something very obvious... :oops:

The following are my sys specs:

From About Computer via sugar...
Model: XO-duo
Build: XO-system 1a for XO-4 (build 50)
Sugar: 0.98.7
Firmware: Q7B37
Wireless Firmware: 14.66.9.p96

From olpc-netstatus -i
Model: 4C2
EC: 0.4.10
OFW: CL4 Q7B37 Q7B
Libertas: 14.66.9.p96

From Ctrl + Alt + F3
Kernal: 3.5.7_xo4-20130705.olpc.e77de3d on an armv71 (tty2)

From cat /proc/device-tree/openprom/model
C4 Q7B37 Q7B[olpc@xo-31-85-ab ~]

From ethtool -I eth0
Driver: mwifiex
Version: mwifiex 1.0 (14.66.9.p96)
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