200$ USB harddrive accessory

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200$ USB harddrive accessory

Postby Charbax » Thu Dec 29, 2005 11:07 am

This is an idea. An optionnal accessory for the USB-host of the OLPC1 as well as for the wifi mesh-network.

An open-source, 4-inch 480x272 16:9 touch-screen, wifi mesh-networkable, built-in vga resolution video/photo camera, removable battery and removable 2,5inch harddrive.

This is the 200$ Portable Media Assistant. It's an accessory for the OLPC1, not to be distributed to every child, but rather distributed to every teacher. The teacher also having his own OLPC1, he can thus take video and have the pocket-sized harddrive storage device necessary to store, record and playback big files on the move.

The teacher could then receive more than one such 200$ PMA, which he can then lend away to seleted students in turns, until each of the students families or the state has the funds to also give such 200$ PMA to each child.

The PMA, defined by pioneering portable multimedia device french linux device manufacturer Archos, here http://www.pma400.com The problem is that currently available 30GB linux running PMA costs 500$ in retail. Thus non-profit development of this concept should be able to get the manufacturing costs with 40, 60 or 100GB removable harddrive included below 200$.

It is a device that can do the same as the OLPC, though with a smaller screen and no built-in keyboard. Thus the larger and cheaper OLPC will allways be usefull, the PMA usb accessory is only to be usefull for keeping in the pocket, not having to carry the OLPC around all the time, external harddrive storage and thus more portable film/photo documentary making accessory.

It works as a small pocket-sized film/photo camera, voice recorder, tv-recorder, be able to do same functions as full sized OLPC laptop though with screen/interface size limitation and wifi and external storage for the OLPC laptop and the mesh network. A portable harddrive could allways be usefull, and instead of having only the harddrive, might just as well add the battery, touch-screen, multimedia processing and mesh wifi networking into the just as pocketable unit.

I think of poketsized device because I have ben a fan of Archos for a few years and I have this fansite.
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