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Postby coolate » Wed Dec 19, 2007 2:03 am

I just got Marathon to work on it!:) Well its AlephOne really, but it is still cool. There are a tone of lib you have to install to get the rpm to work but all of the lib it requires to run are out there in .rpm I used x386 versions, but I bet the x586 would run better on it.
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Postby peter » Wed Dec 19, 2007 2:26 am

What does Marathon do?
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Postby unrequited » Wed Dec 19, 2007 3:39 am

peter;262 wrote:What does Marathon do?

It's a game by Bungie (same people who made Halo). It's old but VERY fun.
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Postby gyffes » Wed Dec 19, 2007 11:03 am

I'm astonished, frankly. What sorta fps you get with that? Have you managed to take it online? How much compiling did you have to do to get A1 to work correctly?
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Just used an rpm...

Postby coolate » Wed Dec 19, 2007 5:56 pm

I used an rpm, just google alephone rpm and you will find some, get the newest. I had to do it from bash though by typing su first.
Each time I tried to install the rpm I got a list of things I had to get, so I went though and got them. There were about 4-5 libraries to install for it to work. The FPS were 60, and it looked fairly good, opengl is not working for me yet. It did let me see a list of people sharing games, but I did not join one yet. It worked 'OK' with the game pad buttons, still works better with keyboard.
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