Belkin PS/2 to USB Adaptor Works

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Belkin PS/2 to USB Adaptor Works

Postby zencode » Wed Jan 09, 2008 1:42 pm

Hi All!

I don't like touchpads much. I also have a hard time typing on the XO keyboard. So, I went to the local store, and I bought the Belkin PS/2 to USB adaptor. It cost me $14.95. I see that you can buy similar products at Fry's for around $8, or even less. (I can't say these cheaper alternatives work. However, the Belkin solution does work...)

The Belkin adaptor comes with two PS/2 ports --- one for the keyboard, and one for the mouse. So, I plugged in a spare Microsoft Intellimouse Mouse and a Fry's GQ keyboard into the adaptor. I then plugged the USB adaptor into the XO USB port. Almost immediately, my keyboard and mouse worked. No configuration hassle, or any messing around... I just wanted to let the OLPC community know...
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