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Memory-doubling hack?

PostPosted: Fri Dec 05, 2008 3:11 pm
by sj
Has anyone attempted the mem-doubling hack? It requires a fine-tipped soldering kit among other things, but I'd like to hear personal expeiences of someone who doesn't work in a motherboard factory :-) an in principle it shouldn't cost more than $50 or so.

Re: Memory-doubling hack?

PostPosted: Fri Dec 05, 2008 5:02 pm
by ektoric
It would be additionally cool if the tools were listed in Repair center kit and/or the Directory of repair centers had a note that said which were able to perform this kind of service! (if even for a small fee!)

Re: Memory-doubling hack? (why?)

PostPosted: Wed Aug 19, 2009 1:07 pm
by generalludd
This comment may be irrelevant to the above, but i assume the writer must mean to take apart the XO and solder in another memory chip somewhere. Concerning Memory the OLPC Specs state:

DRAM memory: 256 MiB dynamic RAM;
Data rate: Dual — DDR333 — 166 Mhz;
1024KB SPI-interface flash ROM;
Mass storage: 1024 MiB SLC NAND flash, high-speed flash controller;
Drives: No rotating media;

To me that means 1GB of flash ROM which contains the non-changeable (except through a special set of Terminal commands that involve going to sugar lab) parts of the OLPC software which i dig into at my own peril.

The Mass storage, the place where activities and data are stored, is equivalent to a 1GB drive.

Now it is possible to plug a 8GB SD card into the OLPC which i have done. In addition i can also plug a USB drive (I have a 16GB) into a USB port. These "drives" need to be formatted to MS-DOS (Fat 32) or they won't load (or at least they won't be seen at the bottom of the journal). I haven't tried a 40GB HD drive yet. My drives are Mac formatted which definitely will not be "seen". I do not have the knowledge to format from the OLPC so i do it first (MS-DOS) on a Mac, then "sneaker net" it to the OLPC.

Now it seems that to increase memory there should be some way to expand that built in Mass storage to include the installable media. Why open up the XO and risk destroying the machine?

However; nobody seems to have addressed that possibility. The key to knowing what is currently in the machine is supposed to be the Journal.
1. The "Journal", which I find murky, allows me to copy activities to either external, however what is copied is totally unclear. Instead of the journal, there should be a more conventionally formatted display similar to a folder listing, with specific date, time, size, and type shown. Seeing twenty items that indicate "terminal activity", some 6 months and 20 days ago or more, tell me nothing after the fact.
2.When trying to run the movie/audio/still activity i get the "your journal is full" message. If i look at the journal in the home view i may see there are 109MB left. Erasing each journal activity (too bad there isn't a mass erase feature) still doesn't seem to help.
3. I assume that activities can be run out of the terminal as a command. Opera (i have 9.52) is one example, since my attempts to create an activity for it have been unsuccessful.

Before tearing the machine apart, it would be good to figure out how to better use what currently is there.