XO in tablet form, how to navigate a PDF in READ?

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XO in tablet form, how to navigate a PDF in READ?

Postby elf.elf.baby » Tue Dec 16, 2008 8:48 pm

This shouldn't be a tip, or a trick, but I'm reluctant to say it's a software or hardware issue.

How do you change pages when READing a PDF with the XO's screen flipped and the keyboard hidden?

The Game Pad and Game Buttons will not change page for me, no matter what I do. They'll make a page bigger on the screen, or smaller. That's it.

Does everyone simply keep the XO in laptop form to read? Works fine, then.

What am I doing wrong? I gave up getting FBReader to install, due to the libexpat.so.0 file not being present, and not knowing which of the million out there to download etc etc etc.

I'm tempted to try wine, and use FBReader for Windows.

Thank you...
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Re: XO in tablet form, how to navigate a PDF in READ?

Postby Whitek » Wed Dec 17, 2008 11:31 am

I have installed xpdf, and work quite nice for me (well, it is slow, when you have pdf with many images, but it works : D ).
And there i can navigate via Game Pad (small move of screen) or Game Buttons (big jumps - like pgUP/pgDown/home/end).
I think it works same in read activity. Problem maybe is with cursor - you should have active "the screen" (but cursor is by default in some input -> simply click by mouse to area, where you see pdf file).
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