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Re: Disable active corners

Postby Ben James Ben » Sun Jan 27, 2008 1:21 pm

KayTi, making specific changes to a file is something that is extremely difficult to teach people step-by-step. And, attempts to do so usually end up being something that is not helpful for people to use. I recommend that people learn how to edit files in general. It's a basic skill that will allow you to learn how to fish on your own.

XO laptops come with an editor called "nano" that is easy to use. Here's a nano tutorial to help you get started.
Ben James Ben
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Re: Disable active corners

Postby KayTi » Mon Jan 28, 2008 12:53 am

I beg to differ. Many of us have command-line experience from back in the day. We just don't know linux from a hole in the ground. I know how to comment out lines of code and edit them, but I don't know what linux uses to comment out, nor am I familiar with linux's text editing capabilities - I understand in addition to nano there's something called vi, for instance, but that's the extent of it.

For anyone looking for detailed instructions, I found two sources (haven't compared them to see if they're identical - I'm now on the fence about disabling active corners after finding the stick Alt key on one of my laptops which makes all the special XO buttons on the keyboard like group, neighborhood, and frame non-functional when the alt key is stuck. Hot corners saved me a few reboots today.) --
Here is one: On the laptop.org wiki
And here is a second:
from a forum discussion

Also, to make a philisophical point about learning to edit files, many people are most comfortable learning how to do something by actually doing it. They are goal-driven "I want to fix this thing that is bugging me, so I will go and follow these steps and figure out how to fix it." Others may prefer to use a tutorial to learn about editing files, but that solution won't work for everyone. I'd rather get in and get my hands dirty with the problem I'm trying to solve and yes, risk screwing everything up...and then fixing those problems too. To use your metaphor, I learn more about how to fish by trying to fish with a reel in a pond than by reading a manual about fishing or by practicing to fish in my living room with twine and magnets. To completely abuse the metaphor, sometimes I'll fall in the pond, or hook an old shoe, or worse - hook a fish and then have NO EARTHLY IDEA what to do with it.

I hope I am not coming off as argumentative, that's not my intent. As a learning designer, though, I thought this was an important point. You (and everyone reading this thread) may disagree. You may also not wish to write detailed instructions for step-by-steps. That's fine. There are others who will. It seems we're getting a good-sized community going, which is fantastic news for all of us.
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Re: Disable active corners

Postby Bscopatz » Tue Dec 30, 2008 5:17 pm

This is the link that worked great for me:

from the wiki

I used the instructions for nano, which was much easier to use than vi since the screen includes a display at the bottom of all the shortcuts.

Also, yes, you have to go into su mode first. The other link provided didn't say that, and so you get the file open in read only mode. Which turned out to be a good thing because I finally figured out how to type over stuff using vi. Phew.

Thank you KayTi. This really saved me a bunch of trial and error! Mostly error.
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Re: Disable active corners

Postby ncarrol » Tue Dec 30, 2008 6:38 pm

Is it really necessary to remove Frame ?

You can remove the activation on the edge and set the corner activation to .99 second.

Hence, you can only get the frame to appear if you hold the cursor at the corner for over 1 second -- this is really hard to do by accident. Thus, the frame is always available for the battery icon and the speaker control (and network icon).

This is available in the Control Panel (hover over X man) for software 8.2 (build 767)
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Re: Disable active corners

Postby Bscopatz » Tue Dec 30, 2008 11:42 pm

I'd be happier with a longer delay, but if .99 second works for you, that's probably a better solution than this permanent alteration.

Personally, I hate having the frame pop up due to mouse movement. But, hey,t he computer isn't for me. Maybe kids love it.

My son is just not very good with mouse control movements yet. He can't really make the touchpad work well at all, and so we added a USB mouse. Unfortunately, he sends that thing flying around until he zeroes in on his target. His favorite website (Starfall.com) has a feature that you have to click on to advance to the next screen and it displays right in the corner. He gets the darn popup every single time and that leaves just a sliver of the "next arrow" still visible for him to hit.

Maybe once he's better controlling mouse movements, or can use the touch pad, this won't be a problem and I can turn on the corners again.

But for now, I'm glad they're gone.
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Re: Disable active corners

Postby markreed » Thu Apr 02, 2009 8:43 am

I found an easy way to change the Frame active corners setting when you need to change lots of machines. Update the config file and copy to all machines.

Edit the file
Code: Select all

Change the numbers associated with hotcorners and warmedges to 1000.
For example:
Code: Select all

This is the equivalent of using the control panel slider to "never".

You can also use this Config file to update the Timezone setting.
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