The role of expectation and first impression

Did you give 1 and get 1? Then share your first experiences with your new XO laptop!

The role of expectation and first impression

Postby lmaltin » Tue Jan 29, 2008 3:08 pm

My lappie arrived on time, in order, and as promised. Of course, one of the first things I managed to do was to "destroy" some coding which required a plaintive cry to HELP, and a subsequent re-flash.

As a computer user in tech-rich America, I never realized how much I have taken for granted regarding speed, user interface, and Microsoft "standard." I was well prepared for size, appearance, and strangeness of a new OS, but my initial reaction of disappointment surprised me. (Even my old Commodore 64 and DEC, by Digital, was faster and easier to operate than this thing! Etc.) Then I slowly began to realize that the part of the world where my donated XO will be sent is not tech-rich. The child receiving it probably never saw, dreamed of or held such a device in his hands, much less actually having one of his own. For him, speed, user interface, and Microsoft "standard" means nothing. For him, it will become the "XO standard," as wondrous a device as was my DEC was to me; but even more so for his lack of other opportunity.

In short, I am in awe of the design and execution of the manufacture and distribution of the XO. I understand and empathize with those whose experiences have been less positive than mine. I can only say that the wait is well worth it, and the cause is just.

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