It's way cool (but my fingers are too big)

Did you give 1 and get 1? Then share your first experiences with your new XO laptop!

It's way cool (but my fingers are too big)

Postby Walt » Sat Mar 29, 2008 1:12 pm

I got my XO a week ago Friday, and the following Monday I was emailed that it was coming. Figuring it out has been a challenge, but that' s the way with open source stuff: it takes some work, but it's worth it. Ultimately I'll donate it to the library where I volunteer, but I felt and still feel that this is a project worth supporting. I've been sharing it with everyone who will look and listen, and a lot of people want to buy one. I'm presuming they'll be available again someday. . .does anyone know when?

This is a tremendous opportunity for the PEOPLE to take control of the computer world, and get Microsoft and the NSA out of our homes. My hat's off to Mr. Negroponte and the geeks (and I use that word respectfully, since I ain't one) who are developing it. If I WERE a geek, I'd volunteer to help in a minute.

What an amazing invention! The vision of a kid learning on an XO instead of having his brain vacuumed by television is almost enough to make me optimistic about the future. . .
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