first xmas post with my new toy

Did you give 1 and get 1? Then share your first experiences with your new XO laptop!

first xmas post with my new toy

Postby tilt » Thu Dec 25, 2008 10:49 am

so far so good. I am now paying back the good karma I have gained helping to spread knowlage, by stealing someones WiFi. The laptop arrived through the amazon program with no problems. The keyboard is as small as has been commented on. I wanted a toy laptop, mostly to serve as a way to avoid printing out all of the docs I am constantly wasting money on, and then loosing. In this it looks like I will get this to work.

I love open source and this looks like something I can use to return to computers as hobby. You really have to be commited to the charity aspect of the purchase, and used to software created by programmers for programmers I think to get into these at this stage. What I am looking forward to is what the kids will create with these.

Text on this screen looks fantastic, then buttons on this page have rendering errors. It looks like that is going to be the general theme, but I am looking forward to playing with it and seeing if I can fix it.

as a gift for children who have access to fancyer computers they would need to be clever and patent. As a toy for grownups it has the advantage of being able to tell people you are doing this to help others, rather than buying a hobby pc

-- Tiltowait
[edit] as a bonus you can blame spelling errors on the tiny keyboard, the keyboard also causes grammar errors somehow, and these are now not my fault.
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Re: first xmas post with my new toy

Postby sphynxbiker » Sat Dec 27, 2008 1:22 am

Over the last year I have found mine to be better at finding wifi then my dell laptop. Also it has the cute factor when taken to meetings for notetaking. And the maze game is good for the uninteresting or irrelevent part of inservices/classes/meetings :))
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