middling first impression

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middling first impression

Postby a-dad » Sat Dec 27, 2008 2:51 pm

We've had this laptop for a couple of days so far. Overall, I have a middling opinion.

The good news:
- my 5 year old loves it
- the instructions on wiki.laptop.org are great, every one of them worked the first time

Unforunately the bad news list is much longer:
- The laptop refused to connect to my WPA home network. From reading the, wiki I found I needed to enter the encryption key in hex. This is an entirely silly waste of time. Can't the user-interface accept a clear text key and convert to hex?
- The laptop stopped booting at the end of the first day (after a few hours of use). A few hours of trolling the wiki and attempting to debug the boot sequence was entirely fruitless. Eventually, I had to reimage the machine to get it to work.
- The machine now booted, but the speakers did not. More tinkering - got that to work.
- A little while later the touch pad went wild. Even the smallest touch made the pointer go all over the screen. To make matters work by this time the keyboard had stopped working. A reboot seems to have cured this last problem (at least for now).

If the quality of the machine I received is indicative, I worry about its usefulness in the countries its intended for. I find it hard to believe that a school administrator in rural Bangladesh (say) will have the time or skills for maintaining this temperamental machine.
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