Not to stand alone, but among and wanting, what?!!

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Not to stand alone, but among and wanting, what?!!

Postby davidc » Sat Jan 05, 2008 3:50 am

My child's words sum it up, here in the "developed world"... "But, why can't I [do proprietary "point-n-click" M$ and MacOS ] things?" I advised patience and a "there's what we expect, and what we learn" approach to this (and I mean it) tool... but

The G1G1 program smacks(ouch!) of Robin Hood's "steal from the rich and give to the poor(or badly financed OLPC)" with this geek-gadget.

Very good concepts and tools("Neighborhood", the "Journal"), but it's a comp-sci/infomatik device obscured by an occulded UI. Not asking for a manual, but a knife has a sharp and not sharp interface describing its use.

I asked our kid's school what they knew of this program, and was told that "we've heard of it." No love for the mesh, I guess.

Folks, if the PTAs of many schools, much less the school districts knew of a "volume discount" as such, the "Neighborhood" would be fully "meshed"... yet, alas, the G1G1 has spawned numerous threads by GED+ "developed" kidz seeking best YouTube playback... and that's backwash with no mesh. Would love to read of otherwise.

Try explaining Pippy or TurtlePaint to a kid holding a dripping paint brush in his right, no, left hand... yes, a child, presented with this geek-gadget. UI/OS designers: what age kids were you targeting? It boots, and leaves a picture(nee "Desktop") with no focus and a slew or 1980's inspired icons... "Browse"="World"? Oh, help! And "World" presents Google! Hey! Google is not the World! Promote Google, but not Adobe Flash? Not even Java? Why not a few local HTML files to educate(!) the "Neighborhood" and "Journal" concepts before heading out to the Ueber-Marketing machine?

The "Desktop" is sloppy(and even "Neighborhood" shows icons randomly... oh, you meant this as playful?), and the keyboard too... do we really need "hand", Ctrl, and Alt? And the "F" keys masked with "New!" images...

Day 2... speant some time introducing the relationship of "Journal" and "Neighborhood" and "Activities" to the kid today... got to thinking why the initial "Desktop" was poorl UI design and came to this:

Would be interesting to "hide" the Journal as an Activity icon in the ring of icons around the large "XO" and instead put it at the top of the "tooltip/context menu" on mouse-over of the larger "XO" at center... why "Reboot" is first here? Dunno, would like to emphasize staying with wit, had to explain that the power button is not how to quit an app. Would also be interesting to blend the Neighbor hood and initial Home "Desktop" together using the "put the Journal in the larger XO icon" UI design... ties Activities to the environment and meshing too.
Would also make the initial "Desktop" more like "the World as this rig knows it", thus more visually interactive than the dead "icons replace lists" that it is now.

The whole kit is just as infant Air-Jordan sneaks... "they grow so fast!"
"Yep, cute isn't it?"

See, by drastically altering the file/data sharing from M$/Appl3's "organize by file" paradigm to the XO's "organize by Activity and Journal" without any publicly(or even local, on disk "How To Use Me") docs, this rig also fails(by its UI design) to introduce proper use.

I like the new paradigm, and the "data is not as important as what you do with it" concept... but the UI is too poorly considered and implemented. Make the immutable, ever growing scroll of "Activities" at the bottom an "F-key View" as "Neighborhood"(blended as suggested above), "Group" and "Home"(blended as above) so the "child" will have views distinct between "This is what you want" and "This is what you get/are doing"--cf PublicImage. LTD.

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