Thin Client functionality?

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Thin Client functionality?

Postby Phlod » Tue Nov 06, 2007 1:32 pm

I have a long time client which is a small-ish Catholic school. This school already has about 50 thin clients running Windows. They are very interested in the idea of a 'mobile computer lab' which the children can use to take notes, and view/edit documents that their teachers create.

The questions are many. Will the teachers be able to continue to use MS Office to crate their documents? Can the XO Laptop view and edit Word Documents? Powerpoint? Excel? Will they be able to log into the already existing Windows server to access their documents?

The school would like to avoid having to teach them on 2 disparate-looking programs and desktops. However, I've told them that this may be unavoidable. However, the teachers will probably revolt against learning new software, so using Office to make documents will probably have to be the way they do it.

Is there any way to let them use the XO Laptop pretty much the same as they're currently using the thin clients? Please advise. I would *really* like to get any sort of Linux into the school, and the hardware itself sounds like precisely the right thing for them. I just don't know how well it will work at the end of the day. And working well, with a minimum of tweaking is very important.

Thanks for any info in advance.

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