How do friends work?

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How do friends work?

Postby Yogi2 » Fri Feb 13, 2009 3:28 pm

I have many children and several GIGI OLPCs. The concept of corroborative working appeals greatly. To me, this means, for example, making a drawing in which several children have contributed. I have as yet, no 'school server' but I was lead to believe it worked through the mesh. Well, I can't make it work. They can type to each other. (They are always in yelling distance of each other anyway!). They can invite 'friends', even have this act recorded in the Journal of activities such as 'paint'. Yet the drawing on each OLPC is different, and what is stored on each one is created only by that one without any contribution from any 'friend' whatsoever. What I expected is for them all to see the same drawing, and editing to come out on them all. Am I mis-understanding the concept, am I being thick that I cannot make it work, is there a bug, or what? Thanks
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Re: How do friends work?

Postby ncarrol » Fri Feb 13, 2009 5:24 pm

Re-read your post. I now understand that your main point appears to be about Paint Activity. It has some bugs (image copy and paste) and appears to still be incomplete for sharing over mesh --- sharing does not work yet !

Some activities are designed to share and others are not.

The greatest sharing is "content" such as books and articles. Then Chat and Write can be used to "talk" about what is read.

I am not an educator, but I see such activities as Memorize used to generate custom "flashcards" for learning. Even the activity "Calculator" and be used as a kind of flashcard. I hope to soon have a website where flashcards can be uploaded / downloaded for sharing. If you can connect to the internet, the activity Browser has the "bookmark" feature, which allows all XO's to follow a directed sequence of webpages from websites.

TamTam allows sharing the building and playing of music.

Here is a "classroom presenter", which does allow common "markup" by a group of XO's:

For story telling look at:

There is one teacher that, like you, has many children and a few XO's: lists some more activities.

Hope these provide some starting points
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