Retriving serial number

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Retriving serial number

Postby hasikalaanuruddhi » Fri Jul 02, 2010 7:14 am

Hi all,

I want to implement auto login function for my own moodle based portal which is run in OLPC school server.
My requirement :- When student log in to my moodle based system, it is needed to identify the user by the system automatically. my moodle based system is a seperate system from the moodle based system which is already comes with the XS school server.

To implement my requirement I need to get the serial number of the OLPC laptop (I use the serial number as the password). as user name I use one common name. I need to get serial number to a html page and need to pass it with my common user name via post method. can anyboady tell me how can I retrieve the serial number of XO to fullfill my requirement.

This is a very urgent requirement and if any one have an idea please contribute as soon as possible :oops:

Thank You!
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