Somali Bantu refugees in Milwaukee

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Somali Bantu refugees in Milwaukee

Postby Bonnie » Sun Dec 04, 2011 3:37 pm

Hi everyone,
I am working with a group of about 30 Somali Bantu refugee girls in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Most of the girls were born in refugee camps in Kenya, their parents have very limited education, and they are struggling to adapt and excel in the US.

Yesterday, we were talking about computers and none of them had computers in their homes. I was wondering how I might apply for them to be a part of the One Laptop Per Child program. Currently, only two girls from the entire community are in college - most of the girls marry before they finish high school and start having children right away, which leads them to a life of scraping by. I think the One Laptop program might help to alter their course.

If not this program, do you know of another that could connect the girls with their own computers?

Thank you!
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