Installing PHP and Wordpress

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Installing PHP and Wordpress

Postby tramplay » Mon Dec 26, 2011 12:04 pm

Hi, I am trying to install PHP, a web server, MySQL and Wordpress. I have an OLPC Xo-1 with the latest updated operating system (as per December 2011).

I've seen there are some some tutorials floating about on the internet for installing Drupal on OLPC, but none for Wordpress. And even these are several years old.

I have tried following the Drupal tutorial to install PHP, Apache (or Lighttpd, tried it too) and MySQL, but I'm overwhelmed. The installations went fine, but the web server would not start, nor the other applications. Plus after restarting the computer some folders mysteriosly went missing and this led to errors being thrown out when I tried to start the server applications.

Also I was unable to create or copy documents into the folder which ws suposed to contain the web pages being served by the local server. think I needed to change permissions for the folder to allow for me in my non-root user state to be able to place files there. But as I'm not experinced in Linux command line, I was lost on that one too.

Could somone please give instructions for installing these applications on OLPC along wih suggestions for tackling the problems that seem to arise?
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Re: Installing PHP and Wordpress

Postby ncarrol » Tue Dec 27, 2011 11:32 am

No expertise here, but let me point you to where a similar conversation is going on: ... 6#msg33556
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