Tips for Contacting OLPC through Email

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Tips for Contacting OLPC through Email

Postby Steve Holton » Tue Jan 08, 2008 10:34 am

For Customer Service Issues such as questions about XO shipping, Billing inquiries, or to arrange the return and replacement of an XO which has already been determined to be faulty, please contact
- OLPC Donor Services at

For Technical Support Questions such as help getting connected to the Internet, questions about connecting external USB disks, or how to use Activities, please contact:
- OLPC Help Desk at

Important Note: If you send email to either of these two addresses, you should expect to receive an automated, computer generated reply within 15 minutes confirming that we received your request.
If you do not receive the automated reply, it indicates either that we did not receive your request or that you did not receive our reply and there's something broke in the mail loop.

If this happens, please check the following:

    Please ensure both email addresses ( and ) are added to your Address Book
    Please ensure there are no SPAM blocking filters in place on your end which might prevent our reply from getting to you.
    If possible, send the request again from a different email account.

If you've tried the above and are still not receiving the automated reply, check back to the forum here; if we are experiencing a temporary problem and are unable to respond to you by email, we wiil post a notification here.

If there is no reported problem, post a reply to this message, with the title of the emailed request and asking us to check into it. A volunteer will look into it as soon as we can.

Also please note: The 15 minute response time is only for the automated response; we will likely need a bit longer to have a volunteer get back to you with a customized answer. We have had several confirmed reports of people requesting assistance and receiving no reply traced to failures of email delivery. This is intended to provide a mechanism to bypass those failures.
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Re: Tips for Contacting OLPC through Email

Postby talianicole » Mon Dec 29, 2008 1:39 am

When will OLPC develop a phone number where you can talk to a live operator? I was just wondering. :lol:
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Re: Tips for Contacting OLPC through Email

Postby ektoric » Mon Dec 29, 2008 7:03 am

Probably the closest thing (and arguably better!) is joining their IRC channel.
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Re: Tips for Contacting OLPC through Email

Postby mburns » Mon Dec 29, 2008 4:08 pm

And for those who want a quick link, you can join the IRC [ chatroom] and ask your question to Support Gang members, other g1g1'ers and olpc developers. You'll always get an answer, but please be patient with responses.

Mibbit users, feel free to post a link to the #olpc-help channel on
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