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hello to all

Postby OscarE » Sun Jan 13, 2008 3:49 am

I am realy new to OLPC, and only heard of linux. Can I delete the test user that I initially created or rename it?
Is the any way that I reset the unit to Manufature default setting if I have to?


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Postby jogo » Sun Jan 13, 2008 11:40 am

Jogo here, Happy new year. Sorry to start with a negative hello but...

We're sick of the XO! We received ours 2 days after Xmas; bought it for the kids. The kids cry every time they try to use the machine b/c it doesn't work. Does anyone have information on refunds? We live in CT and are willing to drive to MA to obtain ours.
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Postby JaneInIndy » Mon Jan 14, 2008 5:22 pm

Dear jogo:
Well, I remain hopeful, but exhausted. Today I made my second trip to Starbucks for TMobile hook-up, which includes plugging into my connection to the battery. There was an access point labelled TMobile. I put my cursor-arrow on it and clicked, but nothing happened that I could see. At first, my three mesh dots were on screen, one was flashing but I did not get to it soon enough, it then stopped and I could not start it again.

I wonder if "click on" means touch the pad, or touch the Enter? I also may have been affected by something "hot", as my screen changed from one without frame, to one with frame, as I tried to use my cursor. And I couldn't get the cursor to do anything but return to the frame, usually to the right or lower part. And that seemed to happen whether I was on to T-mobile or not. I never got a web page on my screen. I really doubt if there are any members in Indiana yet. I am here today to find more information! JaneInIndy

While I was in Starbucks, a young lady was watching me, and In invited her over. She told me she has a G1G1 in Montana, but hasn't hooked up yet. Perhaps she had been here to see our Colts lose yesterday. I gave her my Screen name.
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starbucks hookup

Postby robby » Mon Jan 14, 2008 6:03 pm

Hi Jane,

The "click on" does mean the trackpad button. Just click once inside the T-Mobile circle.

First rule I've found helpful: be patient. The XO takes a moment to make its connection... Ignore the attempting-to-mesh circles. (If you click on the mesh buttons out of impatience, that may cancel the machine's attempt to reach T-Mobile. I'm not sure about that, but maybe some connectivity expert will enlighten us.)

When you have the T-Mobile link on your main screen, load Browse. I think anything you do that makes Browse attempt to use the internet will redirect you to the T-Mobile login screen, if it doesn't just show up on its own.

That is, if you type any http://.... address (http://stepno.com, for instance) into the browser address field, or attempt a Google search for something, you'll get to T-Mobile's password prompt.

I remember that the first time I tried to reach T-Mobile, I stumbled into a "wrong" t-mobile.com login page that kept going nowhere. (It may have been trying to load a javascript pop-up window that didn't work in the browser?)

I went to a friend's house that night and used a regular network connection on his Mac to sign up for the T-Mobile hotspot service, rather than doing the sign-up at Starbucks. The next day, back at Starbucks, I had no trouble logging in with the user name and the password I'd created.

I have now been online with the XO and TMobile at two New York Starbucks, one in Virginia and two in Tennessee. At one point in my interstate travels, it was pouring rain, so I logged in from my car in the coffee shop's parking lot. :-)

So... There is light at the end of the tunnel. Hmm. I haven't tried it IN a tunnel yet...

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New user

Postby jerry1cg » Tue Jan 15, 2008 3:18 pm

I'm enjoying, but struggling to learn the new system. I need to learn how best ot operate the XO for my grandaughter she is almost 4. I'm guessing she will be 5 before I learn it t the point of helping her get comfortable.

I have been able to get onto the internet. I have not been able to get pictures loaded for viewing using a thumb drive.?? What picture format works best? jpg?
I"m sure I'll be using you help service frequently? Perhaps down the road there will be a text that can be referenced for help.:D I do appreciate all the users helping others solve their dilemmas!
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Postby faelin96 » Wed Jan 16, 2008 10:13 pm

we recently recieved our OLPC and continue to be amazed by how powerful it really is. we are excited about what machines like this will do.
i have a few questions, however...
can i modify the hosts file? if so, how?
can i modify the DNS servers? if so, how?
as a whole, i am new to Linux and its powerful usage of the terminal command line.
is there a page that has some tips, hints on getting started with that?
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Postby gwallace » Sat Jan 19, 2008 6:32 pm

Hello. I am not entirely sure what this forum is all about, but I have a new XO and assume I will have some questions as I use it more. I've had no trouble joining my home wireless network, loading ebooks (pdf), browsing internet, using Write. I've read the directions for adding Flash but no real need to do so yet; I occasionally use Terminal on my Mac, and I have used UNIX in the distant past so I'm guessing I'll figure it out (as long as I can type correctly). My only real question at the moment (more idle curiosity than anything else) is about software updates. Did I read (or imagine) that the system updates are done automatically when we access the internet? The amount of info in the XO Wiki is phenomenal and a little overwhelming so I sometimes read something that I can't find again.
For people who are discouraged by the XO, I guess I would say go slow, don't overthink it (it's not a PC running Windows) and play around a little before you decide to reject it. At first the tiny keyboard was daunting, but I've learned to type more daintily--and it's a whole lot easier than texting on a cell phone! I hope to take the XO with me on my sailboat or on other travels as a way to keep in touch via email and maybe read some ebooks. So far it seems like it will be ideal. I'm also just intrigued by the whole OLPC project and it's fun to have a hands-on connection to it.
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Re: Welcome!

Postby BillWaggener » Mon Feb 04, 2008 3:10 pm

Hello..I am a 72 year kid , retired EE whose interest in computing has been reignited by the XO. What an incredible laptop. I haven't had this much fun since I "fat fingered" the machine boot code for an ancient IBM. I am seriously thinking now about replacing Winows on my laprop with Linux.
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Re: Welcome! (Here i am somewhat clueless but happy to have two

Postby generalludd » Wed Feb 06, 2008 9:18 pm

Well like so many forums there is an overchoice of subjects and sub-subjects. And no basic guidelines page on usage (I also made the big mistake when entering the main page somewhere back, of clicking on mark all forums read-- why is there never an "oops" reversal link?) Also this is displaying text slower than i type. Needless to say i am not using that little green keyboard on my OLPCs.(though i could get on this forum with it) This is coming from a Mac Mini, and the Opera browser. I'm 78 years old and need to "become as a little child" to run this thing.Unfortunately the fingers will never change. (Anyone used to a blackberry would probably find this no problem). Other than physical limitations it is a great keyboard and well laid out.

That being said, i am very happy to have ordered my OLPC before the end of 2007. I received them about a week ago. (this typing lag is driving me nuts--going to a WP and cut/paste back here later)

Here i am again with extracts from my "diary" file February 1 - today.
Feb 1, 2008
14:00 My two OLPCs arrived today. Now i am going to open one.

• I have been printing information about OLPC via the website. There is a lot to this little machine. (maybe a child can remeber this without a printed manual; i can’t).(this machine is named "DAVID")

21:55 End of the day. The OLPC works OK and i got on the internet via Wireless Warthog (my Router using WEP security).

Feb 2, 2008
17;00 OPEN the other OLPC. (this will become "LUDD")
17:17 Working on OLPC. A lot of information.

20:45 The OLPC does very well with retrieving E-mail from Commspeed.
(a wireless ISP of 768Kbs speed)
February 3, 2008 Sunday

16:24 Spent all snowy afternoon in the living room playing with the OLPC. Ran it until the battery indicator went red (15% battery life); it is now on charge. TAM TAM music programs are interesting. (to keep parents from going nuts give them a pair of headphones).

Figured out Calculator (sort of). The "help" link for the functions didn't explain anything.

February 4 10:00

• Had both OLPCs on and working. They could see each other's neighborhood. I clicked on "Make a Friend" but could see nothing happening. Need to further learn this. GLAD I GOT TWO.

• I joined two discussion groups concerning the OLPC. (this being one of them; the other is blog.al.com/spotnews.... about Birmingham Al program.)

2/5/08 12:02 Went to the local Library and was able to connect up with a bit of coaching.

After clicking on their site and seeing “Disconnect”, then typed in Prescott Public Library in the google search box. When library find comes in, open it, then when prompted, type in bar code printed on library card, and last four digits of phone number in the LH bar.

After leaving, i parked in the "courthouse square" and saw lots of sites. Most were locked. Several were local WIFI hotspots. As with library, you click on the site. When "disconnect" appears then go to the browse activity and type in the name of the hotspot. Once you get in and enter any password, etc. {I think this gets into the difference between a router security password and the websites own method of connecting)

12:38 Did some more work with OLPC.
It needs a conventional browser like Firefox. All “browse” does is bring up a Google search window.(One of the comments mentioned OPERA; is there a linux version he got into his OLPC).

I frequently get “Flash click to enter [ ]”. When i do i sometimes get “loading”, but nothing further happens.

In neighborhood view, it would be nice if sites were identified without having to mouse over them.

We need to know limitations. For example i downloaded an MP3 file, but could not find out how to play it, or if even possible. Similarly on sites which have a box stating “click here to play video”, etc. if i click on it nothing happens except, sometimes, there will be a window with a time-scale at the bottom. No music or video.

I was a little disappointed to find there is no live audio/visual capability between “friends”.

What does the “Register” choice do when i click on my symbol in the Home view. I tried it and nothing happened.

14:23 Started update of OLPC LUDD to build 656 (my other OLPC is named DAVID and is still in its original build 650)

15:30 Update was successful. LUDD is now running buld 656. Lot of “alarming” messages in the process though. I should have a digital camera to photograph the messages since there is no way to save them.

Help for math functions is not clear (CALCULATE Activity)

16:00 other things a little murky too, like saving text changes in WRITE activity and gettting them back.I did it, but to write a procedure is a bit convoluted.

I just found a MinivMac Activity in the OLPC library. It is a MAC PLUS EMULATOR. That should be interesting. I tried to download it and got some prompts to “register”.

2/5/08 21:08 Just created said account in Yahoo.com mail. Look for confirmation code in Yahoo tomorrow. (I never got it; maybe i did something wrong!!!).

2/6/08 08:00 played a bit with the OLPC. This PC keyboard thru an PC to USB adapter works well. For an adult i recommend plugging a keyboard and mouse into the USB port. An Apple Mouse and Keyboard will also work fine.

A conspicuous omission in all description is using a USB thumb drive. I don't see how you can just take any PC, camera, or Apple formatted drive and expect to read files from it. I would think it would have to be formatted in the OLPC for further use in it. Procedure? I haven't tried this yet.
That brings me up to date. I will end with a note to the negative response and the children who are having trouble. Start with some simple things. I personally don't see how a child could run this cold.I couldn't if i didn't alredy have experience operating a computer. Note that being used to Apple, i have the same problem when trying to use a Windows or Linux machine.

Try to find someone else in your community who has one. (That's why i really took a leap and bought two) What is needed is a step-by-step parents guide. I suspect that an adult "leader" will have some training in the OLPC use before turning the children loose with them.
If you have a wireless router (set it up for WEP or open) find it in the "neighborhood" then start the browse activity.

Don't take it back. If you read all the information you will find that the machine is only under a 30 day warranty.

Regards to all.
Mac Mini,Snow Leopard OS 10.6.2; iMAC OS 10.4.11, Cableone.net Wireless via Linksys Router. 10Mb down/1MB up connection.
Two XOs, build 860
Firefox & Epiphany browsers
Flash Player 10.2..
People perish for lack of knowledge
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Re: Welcome!

Postby ewoud » Wed Feb 20, 2008 8:54 am

Hi all, I'm a Dutch enthusiast who believes in the power of sharing knowledge, I believe the OLPC project is changing the world as we know it. Big time. :)
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Re: Hello artists

Postby miladymk » Fri Feb 29, 2008 4:57 pm

I am a San Francisco artist and I am interested in exploring the sound programs on the OLPC.
I just received mine and can't wait to begin.

Any sound / laptop artists out there using this machine?

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Re: Hello artists

Postby ewoud » Fri Feb 29, 2008 5:37 pm

miladymk wrote:Any sound / laptop artists out there using this machine?

Hi miladymk, I think that the trinityaudiogroup is using the machine's heart if i'm correct. An AMD Geode LX800 CPU like in the XO laptop.


Could it be nice to see if some of the Trinity could be brought to the XO?

More information:
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Re: Welcome!

Postby jen&cats » Sat Mar 22, 2008 1:46 am

You've probably figured this out by now,but I noticed that no one addressed what you said about the browser. You indicated that it only opens up a Google search window, but there is a url bar at the top. The problem for some is that it displays the name of the site and not the url (as other browsers do), but if you bring your cursor up to that bar and click on it, you"ll see that you are free to go to any site you wish by deleting the address and typing in the url you want. Hope I haven't misinterpreted what you meant. Best wishes.
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Re: Welcome!

Postby generalludd » Sat Mar 22, 2008 3:20 pm

Thanks Jen&cats: I guess you were referring to me (generalludd). I finally did figure that out. I also installed the Opera 9.12 browser on both my machines. Before Opera I managed to get flash media to work with the built-in browser.

Unfortunately after installing Opera, i messed up something and it has never worked since. Big problem with this little machine is the inability to clearly look at directories and files and delete what i messed up. As i said to someone else, this isn't like a Mac where you can click on the hard-drive and see all the files and sub-files, etc. Or just "delete" a troublesome application and reinstall.

When i tried to install Flash Media i got as far as a question (in Terminal) what is the "Path". How should i know?. I did find an "about Opera" under file (i think; poor memory unless its in front of me). It did identify paths but not clue as to how to get there. I need a directory of Terminal (non SU) and bash 32 commands.

Regards: Generalludd
Mac Mini,Snow Leopard OS 10.6.2; iMAC OS 10.4.11, Cableone.net Wireless via Linksys Router. 10Mb down/1MB up connection.
Two XOs, build 860
Firefox & Epiphany browsers
Flash Player 10.2..
People perish for lack of knowledge
(revised 02/28/11).
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Re: Opera

Postby jen&cats » Sat Mar 22, 2008 8:55 pm

Hello Generallub--- yes, it was your comment I was replying to. All I know I know from forums like this and the OLPC wiki, but there is a version of Opera, as it looks as if you know, exclusively for the XO. The instructions look pretty clear: http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Opera.

There is a way to reset the whole thing to factory settings, but that is kind of radical. I'd bet you can find the answer about where your files are located and how to delete/move them by googling and asking around. Wish I could help more. As you'll see, I posted some questions myself today under various topics, and hope to learn more.
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