Hello from SF Bay Area

Points of views and questions about the OLPC project. What should it be? How could it be better? Where is it needed most? Ask your questions here and let your opinion be known.

Hello from SF Bay Area

Postby BeckyJ » Sun Dec 30, 2007 8:50 pm

We got our G1G1 XO on 21 December.

It came in a box with a crinkled corner suggesting it had been dropped, but computer was not damaged and works! Build seems pretty rugged.

First issue was connecting with house WPA network, solved with translation of SSID and security key into a 64 character string.

Browser is frustrating because of bookmark, tab and folder issues. GUI/OS needs more work. Looking forward to software upgrades down the road. . .so it goes.

Still, very cute machine with lots of hints regarding what is possible using flash memory, Linux, and creative design. It's nice to be rid of a hard drive.

Imagine a few revisions, generations of this type of computer in a few years. . .! Hopefully some of the kids around the world will be a part of that.

I love this idea of expanding education and communication for the species. There's hope for the future of the planet!

Impressive first effort!
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