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Postby capsid » Fri Feb 01, 2008 12:11 am

The only thing I would wish for is some dim led lighting under the keys or on the base where the two halves are joined. I've heard it said before that in some of the places where XO is deployed, it can be used as a light source at night. That may be all you can use it for at night because it is impossible to see which keys you are pressing. Other than that, the hardware design is out of this world.

I was going to write a lengthy diatribe, but that'll just get me into trouble. here's a list instead:
--It needs to teach you how to hack it. It needs to specifically encourage programming, and teach you about how to write activities and code for Sugar. The 19 examples in Pippy will not teach you all there is to know about python. Documentation is cheap, storage wise.
--Is Pippy supposed to be my code editor? Srsly? I guess I am supposed to learn Vi or Emacs? if so, XO should tell me how to yum install and how to use vi and emacs.
--The inability to have two activities open side by side on the screen means you can't place documentation right next to an editor.
--You can't cut and paste from the browser to the terminal (last time I checked).
--I just clicked 10 different activities and now my computer crashed. Do you really think a kid won't do that? If it is about to run out of ram, it should refuse to open the program and explain why.
"I'm sorry! I'm already using 243MB out the 256MB of RAM I have available. RAM is the stuff that lets me have more activities open at once. Here is a list of the activities you have open and how much RAM they are using. Try closing one of these activities before you open a new one."
It's not a bad thing to teach these kids about how computers work. That's the same reason I think it's OK for them to have a file manager. The journal is a neat idea, but until the day where an OS runs without a filesystem, its probably not a good idea to make users ignorant of the fact that such a thing exists.

I could go on, but I'll wait and see who wants to butcher me. I wish I could slap Xubuntu on this piece and be done with it, but I really want to help by coding some solutions to the things I think are wrong. That's why I'm so surprised that the laptop doesn't come with more docs on how to do that!

Oh yeah, and when can we use a stylus already? BTW I want to use it as my main input device, not just in the drawing activity.

Thanks for reading/responding...Please post your own constructive frustrations!
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