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Postby Forbes Hall » Sat May 10, 2008 1:36 am

Please join me in this plea...

Dear OLPC,

Regarding the Microsoft discussions: I will spare you the diatribe of disappointment, betrayal, credibility, etc. What matters is only this:

It's not too late. Stop this MS nonsense NOW.

We are still recovering from the Intel doublecross. OLPC can survive that, but it cannot survive MS. Do not be fooled again.

You *must* allow the original One (Open Free) Laptop Per Child vision to continue. The XO community will continue to do you proud. This community will not wait around to be devoured by MS.

Remember the original vision, and stop this insanity. The very future of OLPC lies in the balance.

Forbes Hall
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Forbes Hall
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Postby ioannis » Sat May 10, 2008 12:16 pm

Simple question. How is Microsoft Windows going to help the OLPC project?

Microsoft doesn't even have an OS that can run on XO. They need to boost the specs. But why?

I agree that the OS isn't important as long as it can meet your needs. Microsoft Windows doesn't meet the needs of the project! The XO has everything it needs from a technical stand point. Using an open-platform and open-source operating system, allowed the developers to achieve their goals. It's complete! If anything, running Windows on XO and porting the application and features it provides now needs more work!

I think some governments fail to realise what the XO is for. They probably think they will use it for training children to become IT professionals and thus it's better to have Windows, since their entire IT infrastructure is based on that. The XO is here to replace (or rather provide) text books and access to a vast pool of knowledge. It can help those children learn anything they want. IT professionals is only a very small subset. OLPC has failed to communicate this to those countries.

The OLPC needs a new business model. It needs to stop being a 'project' and become a profitable company, whilst keeping it's original goals. Sell the XO as a product everywhere and offer discounts to schools that order large quantities. Mass producing it and selling it to developed countries will bring down the cost. Once profitable, it can then offer the laptops to developing countries with the original $100 mark. If the developed countries embraces these laptops the developing countries will do so as well.


Postby safeyes » Sun Nov 16, 2008 5:38 pm

If M$ is involved with this project, because of the well established unreliability of M$ software, I will abandon my modest future planned philanthropic involvement with this project.
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