Low Cost Local Non x86 XO-2 Based on LLVM

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Low Cost Local Non x86 XO-2 Based on LLVM

Postby idonotknowanything » Fri May 16, 2008 6:38 am

I have idea about creating new generation of XO-2 machines with non x86 CPU from low cost, local components and local sources at developing countries. To maintain 100% software compatibility, it will run Linux for LLVM (supported by Apple Inc).

Example: Marvel ARM/Xscale all-in-one System On Chip (SOC) from Singapore/ Indonesia, BLX Godson CPU from China, some CPU / SOC from India etc.


It will be easier for various government officials to agree with project that use XO-2 laptops designed and manufactured by local companies. The motherboards will be designed as multi-purpose, flexible (using FPGA) and can be mass manufactured for other applications beside education.

Display: detachable/replaceable LCD, because not all countries need expensive colour LCD, but only low cost, low power, black and white e-ink display as text book replacement. Another XO-2 version is without LCD for projector and cluster/infiniband for creating server. There is a single standard for both internal/external LCD: Displayport. Perhaps the displayport interface can be put inside the hinges.

Is this idea possible?

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