ONPC: a global network of partners + collaborators proposal

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ONPC: a global network of partners + collaborators proposal

Postby ahrenner » Thu May 22, 2008 3:54 pm

If OLPC is not only staff in Cambridge but "Us" all in every country and community,

then we have an ONPC (Open Network of Partners an Collaborators)

based on the principles of Commitment and Voluntarism

which should be formalized.

¿ In 4 categories ?

CAT 1: support in financing and distribution

CAT 2: support with methodology for implementation + contents at school and home

CAT 3: technical mainteinance and connectivity

CAT 4: support regarding SW development and localization.

Each Partner (organization or institution) or Collaborator (individual) could participate in one or more CAT, and should be registered and be allowed to proudly show the ONLP logo to the rest of their community and to the world.
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