OLPCnews.com, a commentary

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OLPCnews.com, a commentary

Postby jakeosx » Mon Jun 09, 2008 2:52 pm

OLPC News is lost. To me at least. At first it was a site where I could go and find news and information on the OLPC from programs to software to the actual organization itself.

Then there was a change of editors. Then there was a change of personalities and purpose. If you read the current news articles there is a shift in tone. No longer is there a simple reporting of events or updates, the new articles are commentary. And all of these commentaries are bad. Go ahead, take a look.

Now I am not saying that olpcnews needs to have the rabbid fanboy-ism of a Mac site, but there should be at least the ruse of being neutral.

But what if, you think, there just hasn't been any good news?

Update.1 came out. The article makes it sound like the world ended because we have to reinstall activities. XO-2 is announced, means XO-1 is a failure because OLPC is planning ahead.

These are spins and spins that are not needed. The site is not called OLPCcommentary.com. I would prefer a reporting of the news:

OLPC Release Update.1

And then a second commentary:

Update.1, One users experience

The problem isn't that a competing site couldn't be set up. It would take an afternoon to set up "olpcdot" or whatever creative name you could come up with. The problem is the number of users that already go to OLPCnews.com.

Report to me, let me make my conclusions. If the editors are so jaded about the program, why are they still reporting?

here is my commentary on your commentary: give me the news.
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