Make an online simulator of the OLPC

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Make an online simulator of the OLPC

Postby radoxme » Sun Sep 07, 2008 9:45 pm

How about a fully functional web based application that perfectly emulates the OLPC? :idea: Users can sign up and get the 1gb or whatever is normally offered. The reason for this is that people around the world can see for themselves what you are providing. When they can see the value and simplicity of your product and not have to take a bunch of nerds word for it they will be far more likely to invest.

They will also as developers be able to see what applications can be built on and what add ons they might provide to enhance the machine. This is possible because the machine is relatively slow.

What does everyone else think about the feasability of this? Perhaps even a small application to download off the net that perfectly emulates the machine? We can then use the experience to get western children to interact with the recieving children within their technology contraints.
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