a windows basic basic user:can i get OLPC for dummies ?

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a windows basic basic user:can i get OLPC for dummies ?

Postby thezef » Sat Nov 15, 2008 9:09 am


well, i'm embarrassed, but every page of the g1g1, of the user manual, and every response i've tried on the board is beyond my understanding...
i can play the little games, but can't do anything with getting connected (i REALLY want to browse the web!) and i can't do anything with these type-in-command instructions (terminal, etc.)

isn't there something like OLPC for Dummies? HELP!!!! :wink:
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Re: a windows basic basic user:can i get OLPC for dummies ?

Postby Sarah Elkins » Sun Nov 16, 2008 12:14 am

You shouldn't have to do terminal commands to get connected to the Internet. Click on the third key top left to see the Neighborhood view. Hover over the different circles (the ones without locks) to find a wireless node (not a mesh node) and click on that. Depending on which software version you're running, once it's connected it'll have a white circle around it or parentheses ().

Once you're connected, you should be able to go to your Home view and run Browse (or Firefox, easy to install if you're running 8.x) to browse the web.
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Re: a windows basic basic user:can i get OLPC for dummies ?

Postby generallud » Tue Mar 03, 2009 7:41 pm

Hi Windows User: I am a Mac user, but i also found G1G1 (OLPC computer) a bit obscure when i first got it, and i still do. There is a free manual writing organization based in Holland, but their 85 page "manual" seems to be more on how to write documentation then actual documents on running . It is called FLOSS and is a type of Wiki.

I don't know manly of the UNIX terminal commands, but i can read instructions if they are clearly presented and don't assume anything.

On your question of Browsers. The Globe symbol is for the Browse activity. When you click on it and it starts you are presented with a predfined group of locations. Entering web URLs into the top bar lets you go to any internet site. Try typing CMD-L. I think that is the universal key shortcut for going to a web page. Then type in the website address.

Bertter still you can download the Firefox "activity" (browser). It is in a link called Activities>all. You can download and install it. Here i am assuming you know the step-by-step for doing it.

BTW. If you are a mature user, i strogly suggest connecting a full-size keyboard and mouse to the USB port. Trackpads drive me nuts and my fat fingers always reduce me to hunt and peck. If you don't like cables you can use one of the Wireless keyboards (DON'T USE BLUETOOTH).The Microsoft wireless optical mouse 2000 and 1.1 Media Keyboard works well for me.

More later if you want.

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