Strategie and organization of OLPC

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Strategie and organization of OLPC

Postby christjan1985 » Tue Apr 14, 2009 4:17 am

hello everybody,
i'm a student from Germany and i've to write my term paper about the strategy and the organization of OLPC. That's why i've got some questions.
OLPC have so many partners and members to create and invent thinks like the user interface, the hardware, the software, the marketing compaigns and so on. For example there is Quanta to produce the laptops.
But what is the staff of OLPC exactly doing. Is OLPC a kind of centre of specialists to combine, controll and to plan the activities and to make the project popular? Is the project of OLPC a kind of new partner-strategy?
I'm not able to find some good and valid information in the internet. Are there any pages with corresponding information?
thank you very much for help

greetz, Jan
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